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About Us

The Healing Earth is the result of love for all things natural.The founders  live by the motto of simple living. From growing  their own vegetables to baking their own bread, they believe in  keeping the use of store bought  products to the minimum. It was this philosophy that led to the inception of THE HEALING EARTH where the motto is use on your body, what you can eat.

The Healing Earth offers an exclusive skin care range formulated with pure, wholesome and natural ingredients that gently cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin. Our hand made soaps, scrubs, creams, masks and oils are chemical-free and harness the power of nature to make the skin look beautiful, radiant and youthful.

“We are constantly evolving since our inception using environmentally responsible formulations and our persistence in finding natural alternatives to chemical ingredients.”

As we say at The Healing Earth – Get back your beauty naturally.

Why The Healing Earth

Most mainstream cosmetics and beauty products are traditionally made from ingredients that are harsh and potentially toxic to humans and the environment. Ingredients like petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances are widely used that make the end product extremely attractive.Manufacturers like them because they are cheap and get the job done.Not to mention the packaging that is every environmentalists nightmare.  Intelligent packaging and irresponsible use of words like natural and organic are the tools to fool the customers.

Consumer awareness about the negative effects of these ingredients is increasing. There is still a long way to go.The use of these terms is not regulated and cannot be relied on. However, independent organic certification – a guarantee of quality, is a much more reliable proof of authenticity.

How The Healing Earth is different

  • Our products are made from predominantly natural ingredients.
  • Our products do not contain harsh chemicals or known toxic ingredients.
  • Our products have shorter shelf life as no preservatives used.
  • Use of glass in bottles and jars.
  • Products customised as per customer preferences.
  • We are completely transparent and not afraid to disclose all of our product ingredients.
  • We do not test our products or ingredients on animals.
  • Environmentally conscious & responsible packaging.
  • Total customer satisfaction. They can get the products tested and 100% money back if not satisfied.

Though, The entire product line is available online, We regularly participate in exhibitions so that through customer interaction we can create an awareness about the ill effects of chemicals and artificial products. We also have workshops where people can have first hand experiences of the wonders of totally natural products.

The idea behind The Healing Earth was also to help the society on a multi level basis. It has been a conscious decision to employ specially abled people so as to make them self reliant. The all female core team believes that there is a need to look a little ahead…… we need to let go of our obsession to brands that are loaded with synthetic additives and should  try to make a little space for mother earth. It is our small but solid contribution towards a better, greener future.