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Our Team

The Healing Earth family got its first supporter in Mr Satish Jain(Vice chairman Indo Autotech Limited) who fully believed in our vision. Mr Jain not only supported us with the initial investment, but also shared with us the knowledge of what  goes into starting a new venture. He fully supported the fact that our mission was to try  bringing a change. Whether it was having an all female team or hiring people with special needs, Mr Jain encouraged us all the way.    

The Healing Earth journey for Renu Jain started as a hobby a few years back. Neighbour and best friend Vaishali Gupta had been using her soaps for years. However, it was in October 2017 that a few samples were given out as gifts brought in very favourable feedback and people asking for more. This led to the inception of The Healing Earth. Renu and Vaishali formed a team where every product was handmade by Renu and tested on Vaishali. Vaishali also was doing research on the products that they wanted to introduce. It was only after long discussions and innumerable experiments and testing that a product was introduced. Although, it did not start as a business venture, very soon the duo had to adopt a professional approach and hire a small team to meet the slow but steady demands.

Armed with confident products and a common belief of creating awareness about the need to use natural skin care products, the duo took part in exhibitions and conducted workshops. Positive feedbacks and innumerable suggestions by people led to the introduction of more products. This is the beginning for The Healing Earth team which is constantly striving to make The Healing Earth a one-stop name for natural skincare range suitable for all ages.