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The Healing Earth aromatherapy essential oils are fully organic and free of any artificial additives or fragrances. These oils provide relief to a number of ailments depending on the fragrance used. These oils can be used in –

  • an oil burner which disperses the fragrance
  • Bath water
  • Sprayed mixed with water in the air like a room freshener
  • Applied directly on the skin

The healing Earth aromatherapy oils are also available in a Roll-On Applicator.

These Roll On applicators has oil which is applied directly on the skin. It penetrates the skin easily to reach the affected muscle and provide the desired relief. Since they are applied directly on the affected area, it provides faster relief than other ways of using the oil. They are easier to use on the children as well.

Where to Apply The Healing Earth aromatherapy essential oils On the Body

▪ Soles and top of feet

▪ Ankles

▪ Over Vital Organs

▪ Abdomen

▪ Upper Back

▪ Neck

▪ Behind  Ears

▪ Temples

▪ Crown of Head

  • When not feeling your best, I apply to the bottom of my feet. This helps support healthy immune function.
  • When having a stomach problem, apply to the stomach. Massage it in a circular motion.
  • When having a head or neck tension, apply to the temples, forehead and/or back of the neck.
  • When the muscles are sore from exercise or overuse, apply to the affected area.
  • When in need of some an energy boost or in need of relaxing, apply to the wrist and take a whiff when needed!

The Healing Earth CALMNESS Essential Oil was designed to calm and relax the body and mind. It will help to balance emotions while promoting a deep calm by reducing nervous tension. The portable roll-on applicator of the CALMNESS oil makes it super easy to apply and provides a small amount of oil to the application area. Perfect to keep in your handbag while on the go.

March 6, 2018
March 10, 2018