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WOMAN… God’s most treasured creation. Since ages long past she has been revered across all civilizations. She is Sati, Shakti and Saraswati. History is full of stories of a woman’s power across all areas- Homes, Politics, Business. A woman is synonymous with tenderness, Love and strength. Once seen as a homemaker her foray into the outside world is applaudable.

Every Year March 8th is dedicated to the women across the world. But she needs to be celebrated the whole year long. Mother, daughter, friend, partner, She is perfection personified.
The Healing Earth salutes the woman and all that she embodies. She is the angel who transforms a house into heaven. She inspires us and we strive to make her feel special and beautiful. ” The Woman Only” team at The Healing Earth, believes in empowering each other. We celebrate Woman’s day the whole year long. At the Healing Earth, we believe.
Females Are The Future
December 4, 2018