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Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. Because of its high saturated fat content, it is slow to oxidise and, thus, resistant to rancidification. Coconut oil has been the preferred oil for people in south Asia for thousands of years.It is widely used in the skin care and cosmetic industry. Actress Angelina Jolie is said to have a tablespoon or so with her breakfast most mornings, while model Miranda Kerr says she not only adds it to salads and smoothies, but she cooks with it and splashes it on her skin as well.It contains a unique combination of fatty acids that help in increasing the metabolism of the body. It is widely believed that adding coconut oil to your diet can reduce the fat in the abdominal cavity.


This tropical oil is beneficial in many ways:

  • Coconut Oil for Hair– This nourishing oil has been used for centuries in hair.It nourishes the hair and scalp, brings an end to dandruff, split ends, itchy scalp, and hair loss. A head massage with coconut oil increases the circulation of blood in the head and supports hair growth.Use it as a hair mask, hot oil treatment, or in homemade hair products for soft, shiny, healthy hair.
  • To Moisturise and Nourish Skin– Coconut oil has a unique combination of fatty acids that makes it great for skin as well. Coconut oil is rich in  Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which help to slow down the ageing process and stopping wrinkles. It helps in reducing pores, building skin collagen and increasing the elasticity of the skin.It is used  as a natural moisturiser and keeps the skin soft and supple.It is an ideal oil for body massages. Regular application of coconut oil is believed to reduce cellulite.It can be safely used for the hydration of the delicate facial skin as well.Coconut oil is very effective in reducing blemishes and scars.
  • Digestive Help– Coconut oil’s concentration of beneficial fats in coconut oil makes it helpful for digestion.It aids the body by taking in fat-soluble components like vitamins and magnesium.Coconut oil can aid in lowering obesity levels in the body and also battles insulin resistance.
  • Great Source of Healthy Fats– Coconut oil is the richest source of lauric acid after breastmilk.
  • Great fat for cooking: Coconut oil is a stable oil that doesn’t break down easily at high temperatures like other oils do. It doesn’t go rancid easily and has amazing nutritional properties.


  • It has been shown to increase absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body.
  •     Rubbed on the inside of your nose it may help alleviate allergy symptoms.
  •   It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help lessen arthritis.
  • Can reduce the itch of mosquito bites.
  • When used consistently on skin it can help get rid of cellulite.
  • Coconut oil is rich in calories and its use should be restricted if trying to lose weight.
March 10, 2018
April 18, 2018